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Games Recruiter honoured with recruitment body's Honorary Fellowship.

Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP)

Interactive Selection is pleased to announce that its MD, David Smith, has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) in the UK. The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) is the representative body for individuals working within the Staffing and Recruitment Industry. Established in 2009 in its present form, but tracing its history back for over 80 years,the IRP helps its members maintain and develop their careers, providing a clear differentiator for the professional recruiter. All IRP members abide by a Code of Ethics, and commit to upholding best practice.

HonFIRP status is the highest accolade of individual members and is only awarded to those members who have demonstrated an outstanding career and outstanding personal contribution to REC, IRP and the recruitment industry. The Honorary Fellowship is awarded annually at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC’s) AGM and David bagged 1 of the 2 on offer. All in all, there are about 100000 working in UK recruitment and we understand that under 20 have been given this honour.

David commented, “I am thrilled with this award. It is another first for the games industry. Recognition by your peers counts for a lot. My work in the recruitment profession, just as in the games industry is ongoing and I look forward to working with the REC and IRP to advance its standing still further.”

Korea Today checks out Gstar 2014 - the largest gaming exhibition in Korea

More than 200000 people gathered in the southeastern port city of Busan to participate in G-Star, one of the largest gaming exhibitions in the country… to check out some of the latest games, including N-C-Soft’s “Project Hon” and “Lineage Eternal.” This event is but a small glimpse at the online gaming boom here in Korea, which has one of the fastest broadband infrastructure in the world.

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Interactive Selection welcome new entertainment industry employers seeking key staff in 2014

Award winning Interactive SelectionAs the economic recovery continues, are you expanding your team in 2014? Hiring just one key role, quickly, can bring significant benefits.

Make use of an award winning global recruiter like Interactive Selection with 17 years of experience in the interactive entertainment sector across all territories to find that key member of your team speedily and with the minimum of fuss. Think of the role that will bring the most benefit to the company but is the most challenging to source. This is where we make our living. With no upfront fee, it is our job to respond successfully to your critical needs.

The strength of our offering in all formats of the entertainment space – online/ web browser, mobile games and apps, cross platform casual games, console, mmo, gambling, social gaming, transmedia, serious games, games publishing, monetisation – is reflected in Interactive Selection winning the Best Service Provider Award 2013 from UK game developer trade association, TIGA.

Our long term relationships with tens of thousands in our sector means that we can quickly deliver to you a selection of the most qualified applicants. Contact David Smith, MD today on david AT interactiveselection DOT com!

Check the Video Game Culture in Korea

What are video games like in Korea? What if you’re a Playstation or Xbox or other console gamer? What’s PC gaming culture like here? We talk about it for a bit for this week’s TL;DR!

Korean Games Culture - Open Mic: Why are South Koreans obsessed with gaming?

Watch this video from CNN to get an idea why South Koreans are so obsessed with gaming.

Today esports and gaming can be named as a part of the South Korean culture. New York Times Magazine called gaming and esports in Korea a “national pastime,” underlining the idea that gaming in South Korea is more than just playing. In reality, in a society where divisions between age groups are rigidly upheld, the gaming subculture could be the bridge that joins thousands of people of different ages and professions, especially as the gaming world has become regarded as mainstream, WoWTBCGold has great game offers. In fact, gaming is not only about sitting hours and hours building castles or killing orcs. Gaming also gives people special and vivid memories that connect their friends or childhood. Youngjun reminisces his first Gameboy with Pokemon pack with the interface all in German and spending the weekends with friends back in the United States, playing League of Legends all night.

“ In the future, South Korea will become a hub for development of the gaming cluster. Since South Korea ’s neighbors have high capital potential, more inflows into domestic gaming market are expected from China and Japan, which will boost the development of new technologies and give new opportunities for the gaming and esports industry”, Park Young-mok added. For now, we can just enjoy playing Battlegrounds with friends as we wait for the next big thing from the South Korean game makers.

Meet Ntreev Soft from Korea, developer of free to play horse race MMO Project Alicia

Meet Ntreev Soft, developer of free to play horse race MMO Project Alicia. Project Alice is not only a racing MMO, it’s also an action and simulation MMO. Players can ride freely in the fields and command their mount to do many different tricks/skills. Also players are able to fight on horsebacks like in the Zelda games. If you like virtual pets, you can also raise your horses any way you want in the game.

US MMO Publisher seeks Managing Director for Seoul, Korea

Exordium, the publisher of upcoming sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game Infinite Fleet, today announced the addition of two former Ubisoft executives, Steve Miller and Keith Chan, to its board of directors. Both Miller and Chan bring more than 20 years of experience in senior roles at leading AAA game studios to Exordium and its flagship game, Infinite Fleet.

Prior to joining Exordium, Keith Chan spent 20 years at Ubisoft, most recently as the Director and General Manager of Ubisoft Southeast Asia. During his career, Chan grew Ubisoft Hong Kong into one of the company’s most profitable offices and set up new entities in several Asian markets. He was instrumental in the commercial success of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, two of the best selling video games of the 2000’s, in Asia.

Chan retired in 2018 at age 50, but decided to return to the games industry for Exordium. “I’m impressed by the development prowess of Exordium and Pixelmatic, which are headed by the best talents in the games industry,” Chan said. “I am really looking forward to the release of Infinite Fleet, the first space MMO to allow players to literally become a part of the story.”

A colleague of Chan’s at Ubisoft, Steve Miller spent 14 years as Managing Director of Ubisoft Asia and 11 years as Director of Business Development for Electronic Arts prior to that. Miller oversaw the remarkable growth of Ubisoft’s publishing business in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. He has been living in Japan for over 25 years and has established a significant network in the region.

On joining Exordium’s board of directors, Miller said, “I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life where I can use my experience in the interactive industry, and combine it with the fast-growing developments in blockchain solutions, for both virtual currency as well as for the real-world funding of game development. Decentralization of markets and digital assets is inevitable and Infinite Fleet can be a leader in this trend for video games.”

Miller and Chan will support Infinite Fleet’s development team, which is led by veteran AAA game developers that have worked on franchises such as Age of Empires, Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Mass Effect, and other top-rated games which have collectively grossed over US$1.2 billion globally, here you can find out about the vacancies in Malta. Exordium is currently conducting a public fundraising round that follows a private round in which it raised over US$4.1 million. Infinite Fleet’s first alpha release is expected in the coming weeks.

Like Interactive Selection in games, Contact KOREA finds jobs for professionals to work in Korea.

Contact KOREA from KOTRA is a global talent facilitator that promotes international competitiveness by offering one-stop service that seeks professionals, matches them with appropriate companies and helps them settle in Korea. As of the end of 2009, there are over 30,000 global professionals, ranging from engineers to researchers and scientists, working for domestic corporations in South Korea. The demands for global talent in Korean companies increases constantly every year. Within a year of its establishment, Contact KOREA has arranged for over 260 individuals to find competitive jobs at more than 120 Korean companies and institutions by using one-on-one service for Korean employers and foreign professionals. If you want to work for a games company in Korea, Interactive Selection should be your first choice. You can contact Interactive by mail on koreajobs at interactiveselection dot com.

Game Producers and Programmers needed by Online Developers in Seoul, Korea

Interactive Selection have several job opportunities for international developers to work in Seoul, Korea. Please see full job specifications in our Jobs Database or contact David Smith for further information on jobs AT interactiveselection Dot Com

Online games rule in South Korea. See the state of online gaming in Korea.

Its no secret that many teenagers around the world are addicted to computer games. But in South Korea the lure of cyberspace has reached a new level. A third of the population is hooked on computer games, with some playing for around ten hours each day, or even more. Watch the TV report on the popularity of Online Gaming fron Russia Today.