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EU - South Korea Free Trade agreement brings opportunities for games developers.

South Korea is home to 50 million people and is the world’s 13th largest economy. The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement will liberalise goods tariffs and open up new business opportunities in areas including services, public procurement, intellectual property and sustainable development – and analysis suggests the UK could benefit by up to £500m. A new report “South Korea – Open for Business” produced by UK Trade & Investment lists 100 opportunities for UK companies in South Korea. 2 of the 100 projects relate to games. #58 talks about the joint development of gaming projects in Korea and the opportunity to jointly undertake R& D to provide expertise and technology and services. Reference is made to UK companies making training tools in healthcare, education, the military and teaching. Opportunity #59  talks about the South Korean skill base that can help develop gaming technolgu  in the UK with a suggestion that South Korean labour can travel to the UK  to work in the software and gaming sectors. Interactive Selection was present at the launch of this government initiative with David Smith listening to presentations from Sir David Wright – Chair of the Korean British Business Council,  Richard Lambert, CBI Director-General and Choo Kyu-ho, Korean Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Only Interactive Selection has the experience in providing staff to Korean companies and bring Korean developers to the UK and Europe.

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