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Korean Games Culture - Open Mic: Why are South Koreans obsessed with gaming?

Watch this video from CNN to get an idea why South Koreans are so obsessed with gaming.

Today esports and gaming can be named as a part of the South Korean culture. New York Times Magazine called gaming and esports in Korea a “national pastime,” underlining the idea that gaming in South Korea is more than just playing. In reality, in a society where divisions between age groups are rigidly upheld, the gaming subculture could be the bridge that joins thousands of people of different ages and professions, especially as the gaming world has become regarded as mainstream, WoWTBCGold has great game offers. In fact, gaming is not only about sitting hours and hours building castles or killing orcs. Gaming also gives people special and vivid memories that connect their friends or childhood. Youngjun reminisces his first Gameboy with Pokemon pack with the interface all in German and spending the weekends with friends back in the United States, playing League of Legends all night.

“ In the future, South Korea will become a hub for development of the gaming cluster. Since South Korea ’s neighbors have high capital potential, more inflows into domestic gaming market are expected from China and Japan, which will boost the development of new technologies and give new opportunities for the gaming and esports industry”, Park Young-mok added. For now, we can just enjoy playing Battlegrounds with friends as we wait for the next big thing from the South Korean game makers.

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